Brian Coleman received his degree in graphic design from the art institute of charlotte. He has been a practicing artist since 2003. I draw because I need to, I always have, and it is a form of therapy for me. They are pieces and parts of life - memories, out of space happenings, free drawing in the moment, recurring images I have used in previous works that have told other stories.  I am always building the surface, changing direction and rearranging on a journey to explore the space on the canvas; the drawing comes alive and starts to move and grow, gaining substance. The images are pieces and parts of the past, present and future, in the process of becoming something else. The works become stories of their own, they come together to become another place in time, they are not made to make sense, they are made to evoke feelings.  I am never arriving at a place, and I am constantly using my pieces and parts in the process of a journey that never ends. He lives and works in Mooresville, NC with his wife, son, and daughter.