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Brian Coleman received his degree in graphic design from the art institute of charlotte. “I begin my process with loosely drawing and exploring the freedom of gesture. It’s kind of like watching a bird soar, you don’t know if it will glide left, bend right, sail up or down.” Alternating between fluid and structured gestures undoubtedly reveals how Brian makes sense of the world as he moves through it. Coleman draws from a vast library of his free drawings to produce these layered creations that groove, and flow punctuated by color, line and forms that bring the rhythm of the painting to life. The images are pieces and parts of the past, present and future, in the process of becoming something else. The works become stories of their own, they come together to become another place in time. “I am never arriving at a place, and I am constantly using my pieces and parts in the process of a journey that never ends.”

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